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Progress Check

Is your child learning what he or she should be at your current school? You have many choices for your child’s dance training, but are all dance schools the same? The list below describes some of the skills your child should be learning year by year; if you’re not seeing those results from your current school, your could be wasting your child's important development years and your tuition money! It may be time to switch to PBS.

Age 3

-Works and plays with others.
-Knows how to take their turn.
-Knows NOT to hang on the barre.

Age 4

-Recognizes a 4/4 beat.
-Knows their five ballet positions.
-Knows that their feet can point!

Age 5

-Knows how to skip, gallop, march and leap.
-Recognizes a 3/4 beat.
-Knows how to plié with knees over toes.

Age 6

-Knows that all jumps begin and end in plié.
-Knows that their feet point every time they leave the ground.
-Knows that it is fun to stretch.

Age 7

-Can plié with their backs straight and knees over toes.
-Can relevé with their weight in the middle of their toes.
-Can pull their tummy in and lengthen their back.

Age 8

-Can do frappé, rond de jambe en dehors and en dedans, knows the difference between a passé and a retiré, and an elevé and a piqué.
-Can cambré devant and derrière with straight knees.

Age 9

Knows glissades, jeté, sissonne, assemblé, échappé, rond de jambe en l’air, entrechat quatre, and most importantly, the ten body positions.
-Can tell you which Tchaikovsky music is The Nutcracker and which is Swan Lake.
-Knows what allongé means.

Age 10

-Can show you the difference between a pirouette en dehors and en dedans.
-Knows where the ballet term faille got its name.
-Knows what an adagio is.

Age 11

-Knows why they are or are not allowed to go on pointe.
-Knows what soubresaut means and how to spell it.
-Is starting to look at summer programs ‘away’.

Age 12

-Can perform good consistent double pirouettes with a turned out passé.
-Uses both legs in his/her entrechat quatre and is working on entrechat six.
-Knows to try everything each teacher tells them, without debate.

Age 13+

-Can recognize the music for Mr. Balanchine’s Serenade.
-Can pick up choreography quickly and accurately.
-Loves every minute of class, rehearsal and performance

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