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Barbara Pontecorvo
Founder and Director 

Dancer Attire

PBS's dress code is an important part of the discipline instilled in a young dancer. Dancers should stand out in class by virtue of their hard work, not by what they wear.


ladies wear pink or skin-tone footed tights, ballet shoes (canvas preferred for growing feet), plain pink leotard, and hair in a pony tail or a bun.

Beginning Ballet



ladies wear pink or skin-tone footed tights, and pink or skin-tone ballet shoes or pointe shoes if on pointe.Dancers may not wear skirts, baggy T-shirts, or shorts.  All leg and body warmers must be tight fitting.
Required leotard colors (plain only) are pink for

Pre- Ballet, Beginning Ballet & Ballet I

, dark blue for

Ballet II & III

, and black for

Ballet IV & V

Ballet VI



may wear any solid color leotard or a unitard.  Skirts are not permitted except for Variation and Pointe classes.  Hair is worn up and must be in a bun for Ballet III and up.

Boys and Men

wear black. gray or brown tights, plain white T-shirt, black, skin-tone  or white shoes and white socks, and a dance belt for older boys.

Modern & Contemporary

classes all levels may wear any solid color tights and leotard or unitard.  Tights for Modern should be footless.
Clothing for


classes should be comfortable and non-restrictive


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