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Barbara Pontecorvo
Founder and Director 

Middle Levels

Ballet IV & V

Ballet IV will take the young dancer through "connecting" steps and stress correct placement and port de bras.  A special Pointe Prep class will prepare feet and legs for pointe work.  In Ballet V the dancers learn long movement phrases to enhance musicality and stamina.  Pointe work is introduced to ladies who have developed sufficient strength.  Modern and Jazz classes continue to form a well-educated dancer.  A schedule of 3-5 classes per week is common; students beginning pointe work must take at least two ballet classes in addition to their pointe class.  All pointe classes must be preceded by a ballet class.

Progress Check

Age 10

-Can show you the difference between a pirouette en dehors and en dedans.
-Knows where the ballet term faille got its name.
-Knows what an adagio is.

Age 11
-Knows why they are or are not allowed to go on pointe.
-Knows what soubresaut means and how to spell it.
-Is starting to look at summer programs ‘away’.

Ballet IV dancers  in

The Nutcracker

, November 2022.

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20 Commercial Way
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