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Barbara Pontecorvo
Founder and Director 

Beginning Levels

Ballet I, II & III

(Minimum age 7 to begin Ballet I.) 

These levels will carefully train a child's body for correct placement for classical dance, teach terminology and musical phrasing, and stretch and strengthen the body in preparation for the challenging years ahead.  For optimum advancement, PBS strongly suggests two ballet classes a week beginning with Ballet III.

Progress Check

Age 7

-Can plié with their backs straight and knees over toes.
-Can relevé with their weight in the middle of their toes.
-Can pull their tummy in and lengthen their back.

Age 8
-Can do frappé, rond de jambe en dehors and en dedans, knows the difference between a passé and a retiré, and an elevé and a piqué.
-Can cambré devant and derrière with straight knees.

Age 9
Knows glissades, jeté, sissonne, assemblé, échappé, rond de jambe en l’air, entrechat quatre, and most importantly, the ten body positions.
-Can tell you which Tchaikovsky music is The Nutcracker and which is Swan Lake.
-Knows what allongé means.

Ballet II mice in The Nutcracker, performed November 2022.
Pontecorvo Ballet Studios, LLC
20 Commercial Way
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