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Pontecorvo Ballet Studios
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The PBS curriculum is carefully designed to nurture the student's growth while keeping each class fun, challenging and educational.Students are placed in the appropriate level by the Director in consultation with the student and parents based on a combination of age, experience and strength.

Be sure to check out the Progress Check page, to see some of the things a dancer should be learning at each age.

To learn more about each level and to see the schedule of available classes, choose a level from this list below.

Creative Movement (Age 3-4)
Pre-Ballet (Age 5-6)

Beginning Ballet (Age 6+)
Ballet I (Age 7+)
Ballet II (Age 8+)
Ballet III (Age 9+)

Ballet IV (Age 10+)
Ballet V (11+)
Ballet VI (12+)
Advanced Ballet
Male Technique
Adult Classes