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Barbara Pontecorvo
Founder and Director 

Early Years

Creative Movement, ages 3 & 4, is designed to nurture a child's interest in movement and expression through lightly structured activity.

Pre-Ballet, minimum age 5, introduces basic ballet positions and stresses musicality and imagination. 

Beginning Ballet, minimum age 6, mixes barre work and creative work for an hour long class.
Pre-Ballet dancers join Clara and Drosselmeyer in The Nutcracker,performed November 2021..

Progress Check

Age 3

-Works and plays with others.
-Knows how to take their turn.
-Knows NOT to hang on the barre.

Age 4
-Recognizes a 4/4 beat.
-Knows their five ballet positions.
-Knows that their feet can point!

Age 5
-Knows how to skip, gallop, march and leap.
-Recognizes a 3/4 beat.
-Knows how to plié with knees over toes.

Age 6
-Knows that all jumps begin and end in plié.
-Knows that their feet point every time they leave the ground.
-Knows that it is fun to stretch.
Pontecorvo Ballet Studios, LLC
20 Commercial Way
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