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Barbara Pontecorvo
Founder and Director 

Early Years

Creative Movement, ages 3 & 4, is designed to nurture a child's interest in movement and expression through lightly structured activity.

Pre-Ballet, minimum age 5, introduces basic ballet positions and stresses musicality and imagination. 

Beginning Ballet, minimum age 6, mixes barre work and creative work for an hour long class.
Beginning Ballet and Ballet I dancers in The Nutcracker (Photo: Beth Phillips).

Progress Check

Age 3

-Works and plays with others.
-Knows how to take their turn.
-Knows NOT to hang on the barre.

Age 4
-Recognizes a 4/4 beat.
-Knows their five ballet positions.
-Knows that their feet can point!

Age 5
-Knows how to skip, gallop, march and leap.
-Recognizes a 3/4 beat.
-Knows how to plié with knees over toes.

Age 6
-Knows that all jumps begin and end in plié.
-Knows that their feet point every time they leave the ground.
-Knows that it is fun to stretch.
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20 Commercial Way
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