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Summer 2019!

Summer 2019! will find Pontecorvo Ballet Studios dancing all summer long!

This summer at PBS will continue the successful split schedule introduced last Summer.

First, evening classes for all levels will run for seven weeks from July 8 through August 24.  Advanced dancers are encouraged to attend 2-3 times per week, levels C, D & E.  Special Summer Class Cards are available for these classes (in 5 or 7 class sets), so that dancers can attend when they can and not have to make up or worry about missing class.  If a Summer Class Card is not used up this summer, then the balance can be applied to fall tuition or used next summer. (Adults may use existing Adult Class Cards.)

Second, PBS will hold a traditional two-week full day summer intensive course for intermediate and advanced dancers age 10 and older,  July 22 - August 2.

Summer study is extremely important for young dancers. Ballet technique is a matter of muscle memory and conditioning, and when a dancer stops for the summer months, much of that muscle memory and conditioning is lost. Even for young dancers, the momentum is lost.  This PBS summer schedule gives dancers an easy, flexible way to build and maintain their artistry.
For more information about PBS, visit www.pbstudios.com.
Continue below for schedules, prices and class level descriptions.

Weekly Evening Classes

July 9 - August 23

Level (see full description below) Day & Time 5-class card 7 class card
Baby Ballet, Ages 3 - 5 Tuesdays, 6 - 6:45pm $50 $60
Beginning Ballet, Ages 6 - 7 Thursdays, 6 - 7pm $55 $77
Ballet Technique A, Ages 7 - 9 Mondays, 6 - 7:15pm $55 $77
(young dancers with some training)
Ballet Technique B, Ages 10+ Mondays, 7:15 - 8:45pm $60 $95
(beginning teens and adults)      
Ballet Technique C, Ages 10+ Tuesdays, 7 - 9pm $65 $91
(intermediate dancers with training and intermediate adults)      
Ballet Technique D, Ages 11+ Thursdays, 7 - 9pm $65 $91
(young advanced dancers and intermediate-advanced adults)      
Ballet Technique E, Ages 12+ Wednesdays, 6 - 8pm $65 $91
(advanced dancers and advanced adults)      
Full Day Summer Intensive for Ages 10 and older

July 22- August 2
Monday thru Friday, 9:30am-5pm, $700 for two-week course ($375 for a single week)

A two-week long full day Intensive for Intermediate and Advanced Dancers (PBS Ballet 4 and up, summer levels C, D & E) will include Ballet Technique, Pointe Prep, Pointe or Variations Class, a class in Modern, Jazz, Contemporary or Choreography, and a Repertory Class. A small performance will be held on both Fridays showing the results of Repertory Class, Variations Class and the Modern/Jazz/Contemporary class.

This Intensive is extremely valuable for young dancers looking to increase stamina, strength and vocabulary. Guest teachers will provide new perspective, new dancers will add to the dancer's network, and challenging classes will push the dancer to a new level.

Summer Class Levels

Contact the director with any questions about selecting an appropriate class.
All evening classes taught by Director Barbara Pontecorvo.
For more information about PBS, visit www.pbstudios.com
Students attending the Summer Intensive will be placed in an appropriate level at the start of classes.

Baby Ballet

, Ages 3 - 5, is a class for very young dancers who are discovering their love for movement, music and imagination. We will learn to recognize all the dynamics and rhythms of music, strengthen and stretch our muscles and imagine all different types of stories. Forty-five minutes of fun!

Beginning Ballet

, Ages 6-8, is a class for the young dancer ready to start barre work and the real technique of ballet. But the fun will still be there as our movements become more stylized but still respond strongly to the music. We will learn to use our feet and understand how beautiful our arms can be.

Ballet Technique A,

Ages 7 - 9, is for dancers who have had ballet study in the past and are ready to go on to the challenges of ballet's demands. The nine body positions are introduced, pirouettes, simple allegro combinations are all included.

Ballet Technique B

, Ages 10+ is for beginning adults and teens. If you are over 10 years of age and just beginning, this class is for you. It will cover the basics plus get you moving and jumping and ready for fall classes.

Ballet Technique C

, Ages 10+ is for dancers who have training and are ready for Pre-Pointe or Pointe Work. This class will work on cleanliness as a dancer and stress placement and using their feet with precision. Also appropriate for advanced dancers and intermediate adults.

Ballet Technique D

, Ages 11+ is for the dancer on pointe. This is an Intermediate/Advanced Class that will be on pointe for dancers who have already taken Beginning Pointe during the regular school year. Classes will be challenging and fast moving. Intermediate adults also welcome.

Ballet Technique E

, Ages 12+ is an Advanced ballet class that will cover all points of ballet technique. Advanced Adults also welcome.