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Barbara Pontecorvo
Founder and Director 

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Please Read Carefully

Keeping PBS COVID-19 free

Everyone entering the building will wear a mask and wash their hands upon entering. All common areas will be wiped down between classes.
Before you bring your child to class, please take their temperature and ensure it is 99.0 or below. If anyone in your family is coughing, sneezing or feeling unwell, do not bring the dancer to class.
If the dancer has a compromised immune system, they should not attend classes

In the Lobby:

1. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your child’s class. Parents will be asked to stay outside of the building except when it is necessary to speak with Olena or Barbara. EXCEPTION: One parent, without extra children, of a dancer 5 years old or younger can wait in the distanced chairs in the lobby.

2. We encourage all dancers to come dressed, ready to go into the studio. Dancers will observe social distancing in the dressing rooms with no more than 2 dancers in either room at one time. This will be self enforcing, however if we find this rule being ignored, we will close the dressing rooms altogether.

3. There will be no more than 2 dancers in the bathrooms at any given time. If you enter the bathroom and there are 2 people there, please wait outside.

4. Dancers and permitted parents will not sit on the sofas and will not move the chairs in the hallways closer together.

5. If dancers are waiting after class for their parents, they may not sit next to each other in the café. Parents should be timely in picking up their dancers.

In the Studios:

1. Dancers will stand 2 to a barre at either end and on the same side as each other. Only the dancers at the barre shall move the barre when that portion of class is finished. The dancers will not touch the teacher’s barre.

2. Dancers will observe social distancing and use the marks on the floors to keep space between them during center.

3. Dancers will not sit next to each other when stretching.

4. Dancers will wear masks while in the building including during class.  In Barbara's classes only, dancers are allowed to take them off during petit allegro and grande allegro. Dancers should bring a towel to use to wipe their hands off and their own water bottle. DO NOT SHARE ANYTHING.

5. Dancers will not come up to the teacher after class to say thank you.

6. The teacher or an administrator will wipe barres down after barre and after class before the next class.

7. Dancers are to keep their hands to themselves at all times.

8. Dancers will bring their own water bottles to use. Do not share.

Upon leaving the studio:

1. Dancers should wash their hands before leaving the studio.

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