...this is where it begins
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Pontecorvo Ballet Studios

-an opportunity to be your best
-a life-long love of music
-everlasting friendships
-an understanding of your human body
-toned muscles and good posture
-enjoyment of regular exercise
-a well-rounded education
-a love of performing
-an end to stage fright
-a career in ballet

-the dream.

This is where it begins...

About PBS

For twenty five years, Pontecorvo Ballet Studios has helped its students achieve their dreams in the art of dance and any other area of life that the students wish. Studying dance allows young people to be able to focus and prioritize their minds and train their bodies to follow their wishes. And while the first priority is to train dancers to enter the professional world of dance, Pontecorvo Ballet Studios is also proud of the hundreds of young dancers who have gone into the professional worlds of arts management, journalism, technology, law, medicine, physical therapy, all strengthened by their ballet training.

Dancers at Pontecorvo Ballet Studios know they have the faculty that will work with them to make these wishes happen. However, all they had to do was attend the school to find this support. There is no audition needed to attend Pontecorvo Ballet Studios. Students can join at any time during the year.

Barbara Pontecorvo's students have danced professionally with: San Francisco Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, Ballet Met Columbus, Cincinnati Ballet, Ballet San Antonio, Sacramento Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo and more.  They have studied with every major ballet company in the country in the summer and have attended prestigious universities, including Juilliard, CCM, Point Park University and Butler University. Twenty six dancers have gone on to dance professionally.

Isn't it time for your dancer to really learn how to achieve their dreams, no matter what they are?

Why PBS?
You have many choices for your child’s dance training, but are all dance schools the  same? The new Progress Check page describes some of the skills your child should be learning year by year; if you’re not seeing those results from your current school, it may be time to switch to PBS.

Summer 2017! runs July 17 - August 4.  Three weeks of summer classes for all ages.  Explore here and register now!

Fall classes begin August 28.

Pontecorvo Ballet Studios
20 Commercial Way
Springboro OH 45066